London 90 - Front View
  London 90 - Filtration Zone
  S-Flow Baffle Filters
  Mastermind Electronic System
London 90 - Series 2 ** Clearance Model **
X5L09S2 (Remote Motor)
Product Features
Hood Mounting Wall Hung
Cooking Coverage Suits 75cm - 110cm cooking surfaces
Filtation Baffle Filters 2x (H-20)
Lighting LED 3x (1.0W)
Finish AISI304 Stainless Steel
Controls LED Backlit 4 Button mastermind Electronic Control with LED Speed Indicator
Speed Settings 3 Speed + Boost Mode
Timer Function Programmable timer (10min Increments) + Auto Shut Off After 2Hrs Of Inactivity
Ducting 200mm Acoustic Flexi Ducting - Five (5) Metre Length Supplied
Hood Width 900mm
Hood Depth 500mm
Hood Height (Fascia) 50mm / 250mm (Flare Angle Height)
Model Number / KleenAir Extraction Unit / Price
Remote Motor Models
X5L09S2.IL London 90 (Series 2) with $1,990 $1,290
  Lite Inline Remote Motor - 800 m3/hr
X5L09S2.EL London 90 (Series 2) with $2,090 $1,390
  Lite External Remote Motor - 800 m3/hr
X5L09S2.IP London 90 (Series 2) with $2,290 $1,590
  Pro Inline Remote Motor - 1140 m3/hr
X5L09S2.EP London 90 (Series 2) with $2,390 $1,690
  Pro External Remote Motor - 1140 m3/hr
X5L09S2.EPP London 90 (Series 2) with $2,790 $2,090
  Pro Plus External Remote Motor - 2010 m3/hr
Product Resources
Hood Fact File   Download   External Motor Fact File   Download
User Manual (Remote)   Download        
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