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It's Complex. Yet so simple. Innovation. Design. Performance. It's Whispair.

Finding the balance between superior air movement and low levels of noise can be difficult to manage. Whispair, an Australian brand that specialises in the design of premium quality rangehood systems, utilises revolutionary technology called KleenAir, that doesn’t rely on finding a balance between air movement and noise.

With Whispair you have the choice between two remarkable solutions. The first utilises an on-board EC motor technology to eliminate motor noise from the fan unit whilst the second solution completely removes the powerful fan motor from the canopy and places it away from the kitchen, considerably reducing operating noise whilst still achieving a high level of extraction. A rangehood is designed to extract heat, steam, grease and odour from your kitchen environment. Whispair’s innovative KleenAir technology takes this process to a new level of performance, making it different from most others. It works.

Proudly Designed and Assembled in Melbourne. 100% Australian Owned.

A 100% Australian owned family business, Haus Group Australia designs and assembles every Whispair rangehood in Melbourne Australia.

Utilising only the very best quality components from around the world, every range hood is inspected post-assembly to ensure it meets Haus’ strict set of quality and performance standards. Only when your rangehood has received the Haus seal of quality assurance will it leave our warehouse.

Hoodtech Quality
Hoodtech Warranty  

Whispair Endurance Warranty

At Haus we truly believe in our products and we demonstrate this by offering one of the longest factory appliance warranties available.

All Whispair rangehood products come with a 5-Year parts and labour factory warranty along with a 10-Year replacement remote fan motor warranty.

When it comes to performance and reliability, Whispair is the brand you can trust.

Hoodtech Rem
Hoodtech Rem

The KleenAir remote motor extraction system is unique in technology and superior in performance, delivering what other domestic extraction units can’t.

Most conventional extraction fans used in domestic rangehood applications are designed to suck air in but struggle to expel the air due to the proximity of the motor in relation to the external vent.

KleenAir remote motor units are strategically placed near or at the end of the ducting to enable the distance from the motor to the external environment to be kept to a minimum.

Two housing variations combined with three German fan motors (speed options of Lite 800m3/hr, Pro 1140m3/hr and Pro Plus 2010m3/hr) provide several extraction and installation alternatives to satisfy most user requirements.

Download Detailed Installation Configuration Options Here

Hoodtech OB Hoodtech OB

Whispair's on board fan solution utilises the powerful KleenAir electronically commutated (EC) motor.

The primary benefit of KleenAir EC technology is the fan’s ability to manage large system pressures (airflow resistance), this means the hood can sustain small filtration zones and longer ducting runs without compromising performance.

The KleenAir EC motor is extremely quiet and operates at efficiencies of up to 90% when compared to an AC equivalent.


Commercial Grade Baffle Filters

> Best form of rangehood filtration capturing key cooking by-products such as grease and oil.

> Utilising super thick (H-25) high performance filters in all Whispair models. Same specification that is seen in most high-end commercial kitchens around the world.

> Increased air flow that is maintained even as the filter ‘fills’ with grease and oil. Reduced air noise through the filtration zone when compare to conventional mesh filters.

> High grade 100% dishwasher safe stainless steel. More robust and long lasting construction that can be maintained without deterioration.

Hoodtech Baffle
Hoodtech Mastermind

Exclusive mastermind Electronic System

All Whispair rangehoods utilise the exclusive and sophisticated mastermind electronic system. Offering an array of functions, such as an auto off timer and ‘boost’ speed. All cassette and alfresco models come with a wireless remote controller as a standard inclusion.

mastermind incorporates the best electronic components available coupled with a fully embedded computer board to ensure that the ‘intelligence’ of every Whispair rangehood remains protected from even the most intensive styles of cooking.With mastermind you are assured that your rangehood will stand the test of time.

Hoodtech Wireless

Efficient LED Lighting

Long lasting and highly energy efficient LED lights are found in all Whispair rangehoods. The LED lighting produces a warm radiance that brings out the natural colour and textures during the cooking process, whilst reducing the energy consumption by at least 98% over a traditional 60W incandescent globe. The rectangular shape of the LED diffuses the light to give full coverage across the cooking surface.

Hoodtech LED
Hoodtech SS
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Whispair Graphic Lines
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